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Rent in Geneva

63 Objects

Bureaux rive droite
Rue de Lausanne 72
1202 Genève

CHF 371
Rent m²/Year
110 m2
Floor space
Quartier Servette - Emplacement extérieur
Rue Lamartine 28 - Parking
1203 Genève

CHF 255
Living space


If you are looking for an international global village, Geneva is the right address for you. Tranquility and a convenient size along with high standards and prices, elevate this South-Western Swiss city to the likes of the metropolises Tokyo, Zurich and Oslo. If you prefer dancing the night away to electro pop beats, or rather go partying with a glass of champagne topped by a strawberry, is totally up to you. Become one with the picturesque Geneva mosaic, as this city is a melting pot of people from all over the world.

Even though French dominates the streets of Geneva, international conglomerates and organizations such as the UN, the WTO or the WHO including their working nomads drawn from innumerable corners of our planet, have you listen to a little English here and a little Spanish or Russian there. Women wearing long hair and high heels, walking designer suits with slicked-back hair with Switzerland’s best watches around their wrists - Geneva is full of life. It may be small, still it never gets boring. Skiing in winter, or swimming, sailing and hiking in summer allow for an ever-enjoyable lifestyle.

Those who don’t consider nature to be entertainment, may dive into the history of Swiss clockworks or Roman traces, as Geneva has loads of them. Gourmets can get carried away by the luxurious variety of Geneva restaurants. Here, the smell of raclette, truffles, good wine and sparklers will all come from the same place. Luxurious Geneva welcomes demanding party hoppers who love a vibrant life - Geneva uniquely unites Cirque-du-Soleil atmosphere with the lakeside tranquility depictured in books.

The high living standard must be reflected in Geneva’s overcrowded property market, of course. At least 2500 franc will be expected for a compact Geneva three-room apartment in a medium-level location. This investment will pay off in form of a new home with a stunning lake backdrop and rustic wine bars. Mingle among the crowd and create your personal Geneva experience. Make it your new hometown and enjoy the Geneva Lake fountains, the botanical garden, the Palace of Nations or the historical St. Peter’s Cathedral like a local.