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For young and old alike, this student city for sure won’t get boring - sightseeing, clubs, cinemas and shopping are just some of your options. In Lausanne, numerous popular events are on all year around. Annual festivals feature renowned artists. Lively Lausanne offers its residents a spectacular cultural and leisure program. You sure can’t tame this city’s nightlife. When it comes to variety and diversity, it keeps surpassing itself. If you like film, jazz, classical music, dance, comics or exhibitions, this is the place-to-be. The “smallest metropolis of Switzerland” stands for a good life, rich in experiences.

As a cultural center by Lake Geneva, Lausanne will leave you impressed by boasting plenty of theaters, concert venues, museums and art galleries. Should you find yourself looking for a hint of Thai culture in the fourth biggest city of Switzerland, even then Lausanne won’t let you down. After all, the city proudly calls the royal Thai pavilion in Denantou park its own - one of the most stunning green spaces in Lake Geneva’s vicinity. Apart from that, Lausanne is an Olympic Capital headquartering not only the IOC (International Olympic Committee) plus other world sports associations, but also the National Federal Court as well as the International Federal Court. As part of the Lausanne-Geneva Metropolitan Area this city also enjoys an outstanding reputation as an important economic, cultural and educational center and one of Western Switzerland’s most important transport hubs.

Those who don’t just want to feel the pulse of this French-speaking city through sports, culture and leisure walks, but actually want to taste it, will fall for it forever. Lausanne’s culinary delights simply seem too good to be true. As if the surrounding mountains and Lake Geneva offering a breath-taking backdrop tried even harder to highlight this city’s significance, its culinary foodscape is already a living proof on its own, represented by the impressive number of highly renowned and awarded restaurants. These places deserve the credit for a recognition far beyond the country’s borders. Those who are fortunate enough to feast in Lausanne, should not miss out on Lake Geneva’s fish specialties such as fillets of perch and char accompanied by fruitcake, Swiss chocolate as well as a special sausage-cabbage-leek dish. With its five extremely popular wineries, Lausanne is also a serious player in the field of wine, with one of its vineyards even being a UNESCO world heritage site. If food is really the way to the heart, than this is especially true in Lausanne.